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My name is Ashley and I suffer from those lines in our skin that we call stretch marks. Mine came from three pregnancies and weight loss. When I first obtained the marks, I was horrified and depressed. I always worried about what to wear to make sure I was covered up. My swimming days were also over.
My low self confidence took a toll on my relationships with men. I felt unworthy to any man because I considered myself "damaged goods". I thought to my self, what man will ever want me with stretch marks? I never even wanted to have my man see my body and I made every effort to make sure he didn't.
Reality finally kicked in for me about five years ago. I choose not to let stretch marks ruin my life. I started to study information about stretch marks and spoke to people about them. The fact is, over 90% of the population has stretch marks. I also discovered along my journey that real men or women who care about you, love you for you stretch marks and all! I have now been blessed to have found a man that loves me to pieces and supports me 100% with everything I do. He finds everything about me beautiful! There are real relationships like this out there people.
Stretch marks are permanent marks in the skin for life. The marks will fade in time; however, unless you have expensive laser surgery, these marks are your friends for life. I have choosen not to have surgery because not only is it expensive, the procedure does not guarantee results and I have plenty of important things to spend my money on like my children and school.
 I have found home remedies that work well for me. I also find value in myself by talking to other individuals about stretch marks and providing supportive feedback for them.. This is why I have created You can live life to it's fullest potential by not letting stretch marks bring you down or ruin your life. You are worth everything life has to offer!

I would love to connect with other women, and yes, even men who struggle with stretch marks and also come up with remedies to make them less noticable. I have shared my remedies on the Home Remedies page. On this site, users can, blog, connect with others, and share their views on various topics. We would love to hear your comments!
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